Journal #2 continued: "Maiden Voyage"

In my last post to The Songwriter’s Notebook, I talked with Chucky Souza about his songs being children of their time.  He has written so many songs over the years, and each song is a reflection and response to things that were happening in his life, community, and the world at the time they were written.  Each song captures a snapshot of that moment in time.

Songwriters and musicians have the ability to influence those around them and their futures by interpreting the present in their music.  With this influence comes great responsibility.  It takes intelligence to know what is relevant and worthy of a response and courage to respond honestly.  The right combination of wit and authenticity and musicianship creates a song that is timeless.

In this post - a continuation of our last discussion on video - Chucky talks about what it was like to start out as a songwriter and trying to break into the club scene.  This is the story behind his song, Maiden Voyage.

This video is both raw and intimate.  Now in his sixties, Chucky, is still following his dream.  There have been ups and downs in his musical career, but he has survived them all.  He tells a great story, gives good advice, and inspires us all.

So what is his advice to artists that are just starting out?

Music is different. It’s not the same as the business of music. Sometimes the business of music tears us down and - you know - makes us feel like we want to quit. But we have to remember that music is not the thing that’s gonna make us want to quit; it’s not the things that’s gonna make us feel less confident, or not who we think we are. So stick to the music and stick to your dream.
— Chucky Souza

Think about that the next time you listen to Maiden Voyage or when you just need a lift.