This Is My Spear

This video contains images from public posts to social media over the last 120 days. Of course, Mauna Kea, is the issue, but the focus is on us, the Kanaka 'Oiwi Hawai'i. The mele, “Na Kaua E Pale,” was written and recorded by my dad as a message to all of us, to stay strong as a lahui, even when times are hard or when some of us are losing hope. The video is our way of saying mahalo to all who stand on the Mauna, to those who live aloha ‘aina, and to those who work hard to unite our people. I am inspired daily by your examples of kapu aloha and strive for that in my own life. I hope that this video can help share that message with others. -- Malama Kealoha

If you would like to make your own video, "Na Kaua E Pale," is available here for free download.  Send us your video link or post it to our Facebook page and we'll send you a link to download the rest of the album for free.  Aloha forward.